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Year 5 at the Black Country Museum

24 October 2013

Year 5 took part in a fabulous visit to the Black Country Museum to develop their knowledge of what life was really like in Victorian Britain.

Pupils became historical investigators using primary sources and artefacts to research and explore the lives of working class Victorian families. Each group were given the task of researching the life of a Victorian child by visiting locations connected to the child or their family. This knowledge will then be used to feed back to the rest of their class.

Following their coal mine experience, pupils developed their awareness of how difficult and challenging working in such dark, damp and dangerous conditions was. This allowed pupils to empathise with children at that time.

They were astonished at the cramped living conditions and surprised at how difficult everyday life was as they developed their understanding that things we take for granted today were a luxury or not available, such as running water, cookers, flushing toilets and their own bed!

Children were enthusiastic and engaged throughout the day and commented on how wonderful the experience was.