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Year 5 Get Baking

30 April 2015

Year 5 have been learning about food produced on an allotment and on a farm. As part of this topic, we researched which ingredients are found both on a farm and an allotment that would be used to bake bread.

Before we could bake our own bread we had to carry out some 'market research' during which we tasted different types of bread and discussed the ingredients, the taste, and the texture of these breads. The basic ingredients were the same, but each group decided that they would add something different to their bread. Other ingredients that we used included: Syrup, chocolate and fruit.

There was lots of cross-curricular learning such as:

  • To know that bread products are an important part of a balanced diet and can be eaten in different ways;
  • To investigate and evaluate bread products according to their characteristics;
  • To follow instructions carefully;
  • To weigh and measure accurately;
  • To know how to work safely and hygienically; and
  • To evaluate a product against the original design specification.

All of the children thoroughly enjoyed making their own bread, even though some were left feeling quite full after all of their 'evaluations'.