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Year 5 RE Inspire Workshop

20 September 2017

"Then the Lord planted a garden in Eden, in the East. He made all kinds of beautiful tress grow there and produce good fruit." Genesis 2:9

On Wednesday 20th September 2017, Year 5 took part in an RE Inspire Workshop with a friend or family member supporting us. The aim of the workshop was to create a Garden of Eden that linked to our current RE Unit, Creation.

We started the workshop by talking about the two stories of the creation, Genesis 1 and Genesis 2. Then, Mrs Miles asked us questions about Creation and showed us some photos of students who made their gardens in previous years.

As soon as we had finished discussing, we started to create our gardens. I felt excited and creative to start because I had so many ideas of what I could put in my garden.

Myself, Ellie-Rose and Ellie-Rose’s Mom worked together as no one in my family could come to the workshop. I started by cutting out a sun and crunching some tissue paper together to make flowers. As I stuck bird stickers in the sky, and glued some leaves on the top. Meanwhile, I asked Ellie-Rose’s Mom to help to cut out a river with the blue card. She gave me some tinfoil to make the rocks to put by the river.

After I had finished, I went over to get my photo taken. I enjoyed making my Garden of Eden and I had lots of fun working with Ellie-Rose.