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Year 6 RE Inspire Workshop

8 March 2013

On Friday 8th March both Year 6 classes participated in an RE Inspire Workshop in preparation for their Confirmation.

The children worked with a family member to make a stained glass window of their chosen Confirmation Saint.

First, the children were given a picture of their saint in a stained glass window, which they had to carefully trace around and cut out. Once this was done, they had to repeat the first step to make a front and a back.

Then, the children chose the appropriate vellum papers and stuck it to one side of the stencil. After that, they sandwiched the two pieces of paper together, with the vellum paper in-between.

Once the design was finished, the children added finishing touches like glitter, gems and sparkles to make their stained glass window stand out.

All of the children really enjoyed the workshop. They weren't the only ones - so did the teachers and adults.

"Even though it was hard, I loved being creative and artistic."

"I needed lots of patience but the finished product was amazing."

"I had loads of fun. It was difficult at first but definitely worth it in the end."