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Year 6 Sacrament of Confirmation

28 June 2012

On Thursday the 28th June 2012 there was a torrential downpour as Bishop Pargeter visited our school. He talked to us all about the Sacrament of Confirmation and asked a number of significant questions. Such as:

  • When is your Confirmation Saint's Feast Day?
  • How are the Fruits and Gifts going to help you in your life?
  • What happened at your Baptism?

He asked many more questions and we all answered confidently. I thought he was going to be scary but to my surprise he was really kind and funny, he was really cheerful and down to earth.

While I was at home waiting to leave for the Mass, I started to think about how I will use the Fruits and Gifts of the Holy Spirit in my life. I also thought about becoming an adult in the Church community.

Eventually, we made are journey to school, to meet our sponsors. I had chosen my Aunt Mary to be my sponsor and she asked me, "Am I nervous?" and I replied , "A little bit!".

Finally it was time to enter the Church. The Church was full so it was nervous and exciting walking in. After the opening hymn a pupil from the St Andrew's read the introduction which was about Confirmation and how we were going to receive the special Sacrament today. Patrick read the First Reading. Next, Alex, Elena, Joseph, Francesca, Lerato and five other pupils from St Andrew's sang the Psalm beautifully which was 'Send Forth your Spirit Lord'. Followed by a reading from a St Andrew's pupil.

Then the Gospel was proclaimed by Father John, it was about the coming of the Holy Spirit at Pentecost and how the Holy Spirit affected the Apostles.

After renewing our Baptismal Promises we were ready to receive the Sacrament of Confirmation. Bishop Pargeter raised his hands over all of us while he prayed that we will receive The Gifts of the Holy Spirit. Then we walked down the aisle towards the Bishop and Father, with our sponsor behind us and their right hand on our right shoulder.

While I knelt down my sponsor told Bishop Pargeter my Confirmation name. He then said, "Therese, Be sealed with the Gifts of the Holy Spirit." I replied, "Amen" Bishop Pargeter then said, " Peace be with you." I replied once more, "And with your Spirit." While doing this he anointed me with the Oil of Chrism. I was a bit nervous as it felt weird on my forehead.

I was over the moon that I had finally received the Gifts of the Holy Spirit and I was glad that I am now a adult in the Catholic Faith. I then realised that I can use the Gifts of the Holy Spirit wisely to receive the Fruits of the Holy Spirit in my life.

After the Mass had finished all my family were all so proud of me and that made me feel ever more glad and overjoyed. It also made me smile that I am a Catholic and I will keep living my faith. Overall, the experience of receiving Confirmation was incredible.

by Georgia