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Year 6 Tour St Chad's Cathedral

12 March 2015

On Thursday 12th March 2015, Year 6 took a tour around St Chad's Cathedral. We did this because we are preparing for our Confirmation in June.

Firstly, we were welcomed to the Cathedral and were led down to the crypt. Everyone was taken into a room, there we could put down our coats and bags, which contained our lunch, then we began our tour.

After being led out of the crypt; we went outside to look at the cathedral where we learnt that there used to be a row of shops next to the Cathedral. Eventually they were knocked down; in their place, St Edward's Chapel was built. In St Edward's Chapel we saw a wonderful stained glass window which tells the story of St Chad's bones and how they were hidden for many years.

Next, we went inside to look at the Chapel. Inside we some beautiful pictures, designed by Pugin. But sadly, he died in 1852, yet his incredible artwork still lives on, he died at the age of 40 years old. The stunning windows in the Cathedral were made by a family called the Hardmans.

After that, our group went into the actual Cathedral. We looked at the designs on the ceiling of the building. I liked looking up and seeing where, during the Blitz, a bomb came through the ceiling and hit a water tank. Luckily, the water from the tank put out the fire in which the bomb had caused.

Finally, we took part in a very reverent Mass; we were joined by Mr Pitcher and Sister Susan. Stefan, Mollie, Caria and Niamh had the pleasure of being able to altar serve during the Mass. Children from our school were able to bring up the offertory, yet there was no music.

In conclusion to the day, we had our lunch and headed back to school. The thing that I liked best about the day was looking at the paintings and the drawings; they were very detailed. I very much liked the day and I think I drew much closer to Jesus, ready for my Confirmation.

by Casey