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Year 6 Visit Oscott College

12 June 2015

It was such a privilege to visit Oscott College. When we arrived we were amazed at the beauty of the buildings and the gardens. We were welcomed by the Seminarians and we knew straight away we were in for a special day.

First we were put into groups with one of the Seminarians who was our group leader and then we went into a room and discussed prayer including the different ways that we can pray. Our group leader explained all about their vocations and we heard about our Guardian Angels which was very interesting.

Shortly after, we left the prayer rooms and we visited the museum to see the artefacts' from previous Bishops and other Churches. All the artefacts were very precious and valuable and we really enjoyed seeing the holy relics. After the exciting tour of the museum we went to have some lunch.

After lunch we were given a guided tour of the chapel and we learned a lot about the different parts of the Church and how Pugin had designed it. In the chapel there were two shreds of wood that were from Jesus' real cross!

We next had the honour of taking part in Mass which was said by Bishop Byrne and this was a great privilege because he was to confirm us later this month. Some of the children from our class were able to take part in the Mass in a special way by being Altar Servers and by bringing up the Offertory gifts. When we were praising the Lord during Mass, we all joined in with the beautiful singing. We glorified the Lord and said many prayers.

As soon as the Mass was over we went back to the large room, it was there where we said goodbye and thank-you for the fantastic day at Oscott College. We will continue to pray for the seminarians as they prepare to follow Jesus and hopefully become priests.

by Autumn-Rose