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Year 6 Visit St Chad's Cathedral

8 May 2013

In preparation for our Confirmation, both Year 6 classes visited St Chad's Cathedral in a bid to learn new religious facts and deepen our Faith.

Yesterday morning (8th May) we piled onto the coach, excited and apprehensive. We all chatted enthusiastically until we arrived at St Chad's and we gazed at the elegant statues outside on the building. The building was made of brick and stone for decoration, but we knew it would be even more marvellous inside.

First we entered the Grimshaw room and we were greeted by our kind guides: Mrs Percival and Mr McConnell, who talked us through the process of our day. We were separated into two groups ; we had Mrs Percival, who was very knowledgeable.

Next we walked through the front of the Cathedral reverently and before we could catch a glimpse of the glorious masterpiece, we were brought into St Edward's Chapel, which was built in the 1930's (83 years ago). There we were amazed by the story of St Chad's devotion and courage towards his faith. We were inspired by how he gave up his life to go travelling all over the country preaching about God. Quickly word passed round, about the Catholic faith; it soon became popular. Due to his popularity St Chad later became Bishop and dreamed Catholics would, one day, have a grand place to worship God.

Sadly, in 1672, St Chad died due to infection of the plague. Many people were distraught, therefore they buried his body on Holy ground. Many years later St Chad's bones were discovered and hidden in a special box. To keep them protected, they were passed through different families for over ten years. The vibrant stained glass on the windows tell this story. The end window, the most beautiful, I thought was a picture of when St Chad's bones were dedicated to the Cathedral. While the years past many people designed the box themselves when they found it, after Pugin (the designer of the whole Cathedral) found the box, he thought his ambitions were greater and he designed and a far more elaborate box.

After this time, learning about St Chad we became more eager to tour the whole Cathedral.

Following the chapel we stared, amazed at the Cathedral and curiously noticed the colours on the ceiling: blue, gold, and red, which were apparently Pugin's favourite colours. We were intrigued by this, seeing as Pugin designed Alton Castle which we visited earlier this year.

Then we walked sensibly up the aisle onto the immaculate altar. There we learnt about the Cathedra which is a grand chair which only the Archbishop can sit on when he visits the Cathedral.

Afterwards we carefully went down the steps to the Crypt which was very interesting as we discovered a heavy trap door which costs hundreds of pounds to lift as it contained the bodies of Bishops and important people such as Bishop Walsh.

Before the Mass we joined Year 6P's group and listened quietly to their group leader Mr McConnell while he explained how a bomb caved through the roof of the Cathedral accidently, but luckily the radiator exploded, putting the fire out without damaging the Cathedral too much.

Then we had a reverent Mass, where Father Timothy spoke to us about Confirmation and how we would receive the Gifts of the Holy Spirit. Later we had a scrumptious lunch and bought memorable gifts from the shop such as: candles, pictures and bookmarks.

We enjoyed our day because it was Holy and we learnt many new things that will become useful for our Confirmation. Finally we went home after an exciting yet tiring day.

My favourite part of the day was the Mass because it made me feel warm inside like Jesus was with me. Also, being at Mass and enjoying a new experience has been an honour, as we grow in faith until our Confirmation and throughout our lives.