St Thomas More Catholic

Primary School

Christ is the centre of our School community, where we live, love and learn together

Year of Faith Celebration

22 November 2013

This is our faith, this is the faith of the Church,
we are proud to profess it in Christ Jesus Our Lord.

The whole school gathered together in St Thomas More Church to mark the end of our special Year of Faith because Pope Francis was closing this year at a Mass in St Peter's in Rome on the 24th November.

We thanked God for the many blessings we have received during this last year. We spent time remembering all the times we came together to share the joy of our faith. We did this by focusing on the letters which make up the words 'YEAR OF FAITH.' We sang our Year of Faith hymn and prayed together for the last time our Year of Faith Prayer.

  • Y is for Year of Faith
  • E is for everyone who took part in our Walk of Witness
  • A is for Apostles' Creed which we prayed together every day
  • R is for Reflection, a retreat day in Harvington Hall and Year 5's reflections on the Stations of the Cross
  • O is for Old Testament People who had great faith in God
  • F is for Francis our Pope who leads and supports us on our faith journey
  • F is for Faith Week, a week of faith activities
  • A is for all members of staff who attended a Year of Faith Celebration at Archbishop Ilsley Secondary School
  • I is for individual people who have opened the Door of Faith for us
  • T is for This is our Faith and our Dominic Barberi Echo Story
  • H is for how are we going to continue to deepen our faith?

After Benediction the Year of Faith Cards made by the children in Year 6 for the Sisters in the Infirmary in Selly Park Birmingham were blessed by Father John at the end of our celebration.