St Thomas More Catholic

Primary School

Christ is the centre of our School community, where we live, love and learn together

Year of Faith Day

10 June 2013

On Monday, the start of our Year of Faith Week, the whole school was lucky enough to have a special workshop which allowed us to explore different areas of our faith through fun activities. Dan Callow, a famous composer, came in with another man called David to support us in developing our faith.

We first had a special assembly where there was lots of singing and discussing our faith. Each class had a special scrapbook where they filled up the pages with everyone's ideas. Afterwards, we all separated into groups to do different activities.

One of the activities was a snowball fight. Everyone had a piece of paper, which they scrunched up in a ball and threw up in the air. Someone else would receive it and write something kind about that person. It made people happy to see what was good about themselves through the eyes of other people. Each paper was filled with compliments. We learnt to love others.

Another one was based on Dan's song, 'I Believe', which is all about the things he believes in. We had to rewrite it ourselves, using the things we believe in, such as our friends and families, Jesus and our faith.

The next activity was when we all wrote our name on a piece of paper along with a small symbol to represent us. All of these pieces were attached to create a huge, long chain with all of our names on. Then, we all wrote a prayer on paper in the shape of a hand, illustrating it with pictures related to it. The prayer could be of any type, a thank you prayer, a prayer to ask for help or anything.

At the end of the day, the whole school met up for a special prayer service where we reflected on our day. Some of the hand prayers and I Believe poems were read out by the children and Father John came to sing and pray with us. Everyone really enjoyed the day and it was the perfect start to our special Year of Faith Week.