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Meet the School Standards Committee

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 St Thomas More School Standards Committee


An Overview

St Thomas More Catholic Primary School is part of the Lumen Christi Catholic Multi Academy which comprises of six local Catholic schools in South West Birmingham. :

  • St Brigid’s Catholic Primary School
  • St Paul's Catholic Primary School
  • St Columba's Catholic Primary School
  • St Joseph's Catholic Primary School
  • St James' Catholic Primary School
  • St Thomas More Primary School
  • St Thomas Aquinas Catholic Secondary School

The Lumen Christi Multi Academy is governed by a Board of Directors, who delegate certain responsibilities to each school through their School Standards Committees. The School Standards Committee’s primary role is to oversee the strategic management of the school on behalf of the Board of Directors. They check that the aims and objectives of the school are being delivered, discuss and approve proposals for various policies, check that the budgets and spending plans are all correct, highlight any areas of concern and offer advice and suggestions.


School Standards Committee (SSC)

Ideally the SSC should be made up of 12 members. Currently, St Thomas More has a School Standards Committee made up of 8 members.

  • 4 Foundation Representatives who are practicing Catholics and are appointed by the Diocese. They are usually members of St Thomas More parish, often with direct links to the school.
  • 2 Parent Representatives who are nominated and elected by the parents of the school.
  • 1 Staff Representative who is nominated and elected by the staff of the school.
  • We also have an associate SSC, but this member does not have voting rights 
  • School Principal


The full SSC meet three times per year - once each term - plus any additional ‘extraordinary' meetings and training days as and when they are required, for example, to approve a new policy due to new legislation or to discuss an Ofsted inspection report.  


Due to Covid-19, the SSC have virtually met more regularly to agree risk assessments, policies and keep up to date on the changes to school life.


Other Activities

The Representatives are invited to get as involved in school life as often as they can. Individual Representatives are linked to a particular Year Group or Subject which involves them coming into school and meeting with the teachers, getting to know the students through attending assemblies, Masses and other events thus supporting the school in any way they can. Through meeting 2 or 3 times a year with the Subject Leader they can get a really good idea of how it all works and offer advice and suggestions if required.


Being a member of the SSC is an enormously challenging but very rewarding experience. It provides an opportunity to develop new skills and strengthen existing ones. We each have the chance to increase our understanding of areas such as finance, personnel, and strategic planning, gaining a greater awareness of the education system as a whole and, most importantly, get a huge sense of satisfaction knowing the children benefit from our efforts


Mr P RathboneChair of SSC, Foundation Governor
Mrs K MadiaPrincipal
(vacant)Vice Chair, Foundation Governor
Miss F BreslinFoundation Governor
Ms S CahillFoundation Governor
Mrs C FealyParent Elect Governor
Mr P WallParent Elect Governor
Mr M MorganAssociate Governor
Miss H DelaneyStaff Governor
Mrs Aileen HughesClerk


Paul Rathbone

Type of Representative  

Chair/foundation SSC appointed by the Diocese

Term of Office

October 2020 – October 2023

Subject & Class Links

Pupil Premium/Assessment/Performance management/Appeals/SEND/Year 6


Performance and Standards

Pecuniary Interests

None declared


I began volunteering as a Parent Governor in 2016. I have served on various platforms within the school, moving on to Foundation governor and most recently l was appointed Vice Chair to the board of governors for St Thomas More School, all of which have provided me with valuable experience to carry out my role as chair for St Thomas More.


I work as a Project Manager in property engineering. I bring 19 years’ experience in the industry; with my extensive project management experience and delivery of projects across the whole development cycle from acquisition, through feasibility, design & procurement leading onto delivery and occupation.


I am a self-motivated, responsive, results orientated project manager who enjoys challenges and assumes responsibility for performance. My leadership style is compliant yet competitive and challenging, team focused towards delivering value and service quality.


I like to approach each project with attentive relationship style for each client, focused towards understanding and delivering their individual needs and requirements.


I’m a parishioner of St Thomas More, in my spare time I enjoy spending time with my family, travelling and attending Moseley rugby club who my son plays for.


I’m committed to ensuring we deliver the best possible Catholic education for the children of St Thomas More, and believe that by harnessing the power of the three key ingredients available to us – the school, the family and the parish - we can all work together to make all our children the best they can be.

I have a real passion for children to develop and achieve the best possible education and by dedicating my time to be a proactive and effective school governor l believe we can achieve the best results for the children and St Thomas More.


Name: Kate Madia


Type of Representative


Term of Office


Subject & Class Links




Pecuniary Interests


I started at Saint Thomas More School At the end of April, 2019. I am an experienced headteacher and senior leader, having lead in two previous schools before Saint Thomas More. I am committed to making the school outstanding.


I am currently a Local Leader of Education and have been an education consultant in a previous life. My passion is teaching and learning and I believe that every child deserves the very best. I believe in the whole child. Maths and English, are of course vital, but so is music and team sports and the arts and debating skills and engaging in after school clubs that inspire and excite. I believe that every child deserves the highest quality curriculum delivery - one that enriches and gives each child, whatever their starting point in life, a rich cultural capitol. I believe that learning should be both excellent and fun. I believe every child has the right to fulfil their God given talents.


I believe that investment in staff is vital to the success of the school and I am passionate about making staff the best they they can be. Pedagogy is vital and being up to date with current research, learning from others and excellence beyond the school are promoted constantly. We should all see ourselves as life long learners.


Beyond school, I am married, to a Catholic Executive Principal and have two children, a dog and two cats. I love to see and entertain friends and family and love to cook!  I am an avid reader and enjoy learning about art, for which I have a particular passion. 



Name: Carmel Fealy

Type of Representative: Parent Governors appointed by the Diocese

Term of Office: March 2020 – March 2024

Subject & Class Links Safeguarding, Early Years

Committee: Curriculum

Pecuniary Interests: None declared


I have been volunteering as a parent governor since 2016.  I have three young children, two of my children attend Thomas More School and both are enjoying their time there and are extremely engaged within the school environment.  I have a passion and drive to ensure I help the St Thomas More in any way possible this in turn inspires me to help spread the vision that St Thomas More has.


I believe that parent governors have a special role, and should always try to assess issues

and decisions from the point of view of parents/carers and families. This is not the same as

representing individual parent’s points of view – it is about making sure that parent/carer

perspectives however diverse are always considered.


I believe that clear direction and leadership are fundamental to an effective school governing body

and consequently a successful school.  

I have a proven track record of managing teams and driving through change in some challenging times and believe that this experience will be of importance to the Governing Body and the school equally.


I am on the school run most days and regularly catch up with fellow parents. I am confident within my role as Parent Governor and fully embody the parents view during governors’ meetings, whilst supporting the staff to ensure our school accomplishes the best it possibly can.  

As a parent I place significance importance in education and a happy school life, while keeping the Catholic ethos at the forefront of everything that we do.


Name: Helen Delaney

Type of Representative:  Staff Governor

Term of Office:  July 2017- July 2021

Subject Link:  Humanities 

Committee:  performance and standards, Health and Safety, appeals 

Pecuniary Interests:  None

I am a long serving, dedicated member of the teaching staff of St Thomas More School. I have worked here for over 10 years, under 3 different management teams. I was initially appointed as a senior leader and English co-ordinator, but have always seen my main calling as teaching my class; a job I love. I currently work as a lead classroom teacher in year 3, a role which also affords me the opportunity to support and coordinate sacramental preparation: an example of parish, school and parental partnership.


During my time at St Thomas More, I have always enjoyed excellent relationships with children, parents and colleagues. I have always been prepared to support and represent, as needed, and have provided a trusted and confidential ear.


 My Catholic faith defines me. I am a very active member of my home parish; Sacred Heart and Holy Souls where I lead the children’s liturgy, read and serve as an extraordinary minister for the Holy Eucharist. Having worked previously in two non-faith schools; I see it as a privilege to be able to lead children not only towards their academic potential, but also to help them find their way in their journey of faith.

I strive always to lead by example and service to help create a successful school where Christ truly is at the centre of our living and learning together.


Name: Peter Wall

Type of Representative: Parent Governor

Term of Office: April 2019 – April 2023

Subject and House Links: Attendance, Science, Eco/Outdoors, PE, Year 4


Pecuniary Interest: None declared


I have held the position of Parent Governor since early 2019, in that time, I believe I have developed a solid and productive relationship with my fellow governors and staff whom I interact with.


I am employed by West Midlands Police and have been for over 20 years. I hold the rank of Inspector. I have worked closely with schools in previous roles that I have held.


I am experienced at being held to account by partners and the public in everything I do. I have attended and chaired multiple forums in my time as a police officer, performing varying roles some of which has included resident’s meetings, offender management meetings, multi-agency partnership forums along with internal day to day forums.


I am experienced at drafting policies, consulting, reviewing, researching and testing their relevance, effectiveness and currency.


Being a manager within such a large organisation, my role centres around translating strategy into action and meaningful/measurable outcomes. I have personal experience at effectively delivering ‘more with less’ through a period of austerity.


Whilst different agencies perform and respond at different pace with different levels of effectiveness, I have developed a level of experience to a point whereby I feel that I am well equipped at effectively managing budgets, forward planning but most importantly performing the role of a ‘critical friend’ and (where necessary) holding others to account whilst being prepared to be held to account myself.


My wife and I have two children who attend school. One has recently moved on from St Thomas More to secondary school and one remains at school in year 3.


As a family we are both full-time working parents like many others, balancing a work/home life balance and spending most of our free time supporting and encouraging our children both of whom enjoy competitive sports, charity work and their education.


My wife is employed as a Teacher at a local primary school.  We are both personally and professionally committed to public service.


Through all of the above, I genuinely believe that we are ‘in touch’ with the community within which we live and have a good understanding of those around us in the playground at pickup and drop off times.


I am committed to my role as parent governor and thoroughly enjoy being part of the journey the school has undertaken over the last couple of years. I am determined along with a dedicated team of governors to support and deliver the strategy that will allow for all children at the school to get the best possible education and become the best they can be.



Name: Matt Morgan

Type of Representative: Associate Governor

Term of Office: 

Subject and House Links: 


Pecuniary Interest: None declared


As an Assistant Head Teacher at John Henry Newman Catholic College I have had the joy of being responsible for primary liaison. This led to an offer of becoming an associate governor at St Thomas More which I was very pleased to accept. St Thomas More have always served the best needs and interests of the children in its care which is evidenced by the fabulous students that come to us at John Henry Newman. 

Transition to secondary school can be a very nervous time for any child, in any part of the country, and research shows that one of the key anxieties is a concern that the secondary school teachers won’t like them. It has been a pleasure to dispel this myth and to get to know the children before they come to us through various projects including twice hiring Birmingham Symphony Hall, in all its glory, for a celebration of worship. 

Further responsibilities within my current job role include Catholic Life and Personal Development. It has always been a key passion of mine to see children grow in their faith life. St Thomas More have always been leading lights in this respect and I therefore believe I have found a home within the school. 

I have 3 children myself, 10, 12 and 15 years old, and have seen that crucial role that a good primary school can have in the academic and personal development of children. It is a privilege to witness such fabulous work taking place at St Thomas More