St Thomas More Catholic

Primary School

Christ is the centre of our School community, where we live, love and learn together

Who's Who

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Mrs K Madia


DSL/ Safeguarding/ Catholic Life/  Performance Management/ Pupil progress and Standards/ Staff Appointments/ Assessment/ Behaviour/ Pupil Well-being/ PSHCE


Mr M Breslin

Deputy Principal

DDSP/ SLT/ Attendance/ KS2 English/ Curriculum Lead/ Remote Education lead


Teaching Staff

Mrs D Sullivan (RDS)

Assistant Headteacher

Reception Class Teacher

EYFS/ KS1 lead /KS1 English Lead/ SLT/ DDSP


Miss R Sharpe (RRS)

Reception Class Teacher

Computing lead


Miss A Matts (1M)

Year One Class Teacher

Dance Troupe Coach


Miss K Wheeler (1W)

Year One Class Teacher


Mrs M Maher (2MP)

Year Two Class Teacher (part time)


Mrs M Poole (2MP)

Year 2 Class Teacher (part time)


Miss R Sharpe (2S)

Year Two Class Teacher

Art Lead


Mrs A Clarke-Pitcher (3CP)

Year Three Class Teacher

Science lead/ Years Three & Four Phase Leader / DDSP/ SLT

Forest School Lead/STEaM


Mrs O Mullen (3M)

Year Three Class Teacher

Music Lead


Miss J Gallagher (4GT)

Year Four Class Teacher (part time)


Mrs E Tighe (4GT)

Year Four Class Teacher (part time)


Miss H Delaney (4D)

Year Four Class Teacher


Mr D Burke (5B)

Year Five Class Teacher

DT/Engineering Lead


Mr D Moynihan (5M)

Year Five Class Teacher

Maths lead


Mr M Jordan (6J)

Year Six Class Teacher

RE Lead


Mr J Poole (6P)

Year Six Class Teacher

Phase 5 & 6 lead

PE and Sports Lead


Mrs K Cook

PPA cover Teacher


Mrs A Nicholls

Special Educational Needs and Disabilities Lead/ DDSP/Inclusion Lead


Support Staff

Mrs McDougall

Miss Craig

Mrs Barrows

Mrs Davies (HLTA)

Mrs Clarke

Mrs Henry

Mrs Harris

Miss Ryan

Mrs Hiscocks

Mr Wilson (HLTA)

Miss Bull

Mrs Liddell-Middleton (HLTA)



Mrs L Gardner

Office Manager/Breakfast & After School Club Manager


Mrs N Seery



Building and Site Manager

Mr D Davies


Cleaning Staff

Mrs Vincent

Mrs Okundaye

Mrs Finn

Mrs Donaldson


Breakfast and After School Club Staff

Mrs Geary

Miss Craig

Mr Wilson

Mrs Clarke

Mrs Sheridan


Lunchtime Supervisors

Miss Angell

Mrs Ball

Mrs Hiscocks

Miss Craig

Mrs Geary

Mrs Richards

Mrs Okundaye

Miss Bowen



Eddie is a Syrian hamster and one of our growing number of school pets. 

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