St Thomas More Catholic

Primary School

Christ is the centre of our School community, where we live, love and learn together

Pupil Leadership



"We can ask ourselves this question: Am I stuck on a playground or do I wish to fly high? Am I tied to a herd, blindly doing what everyone does, seeking only self-satisfaction, focused on myself, or do I look to fly high? Don't be scared! Dare to have fabulous plans. I encourage you to not be afraid to dream, to have great ideals, to be builders of hope."

(Pope Francis)


Excellence in Leadership, at all levels, is of the upmost importance at STM. Right from EYFS, we promote responsibility, collaboration, having a voice and leadership. Their Year 6 buddies help promote these important assets!


As we move through the school, the children are encouraged to take up leadership posts and to really make a difference to the life of the school. 


Mr McLoughlin likes nothing more than seeing her prefects tidying without being asked to do so, getting our school 'Rosie Ready', reading to little ones over lunch, without being asked to do so, and coming up with brilliant ideas to improve not just the workings of the school day, but the STM experience.


Our children are bold and brave and respectfully have their own voice. It is their school and their experience that is what matters and we strongly encourage them to be responsible for making STM the best it can be.